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Middle Telerin


masculine name. ?Elwe Singer

The son of Elwe in a genealogy associated with the early Annals of Beleriand (LR/403). A similar name, Elulind appears in The Etymologies, derived from ᴹ√ƷEL (Ety/ƷEL). The language of the name is unclear. Its final element resembles ᴹQ. lindo “singer”, but its initial element is his father’s name other (?Telerin) name: Elu. At this early stage, Elwe was the brother of Thingol, and ruled over the Telerin in Valinor (SM/264), so perhaps his son’s name was also Telerin.


lindo“singer, singing bird”


  • Elulind ✧ Ety/ƷEL
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