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noun. twilight

A noun for “twilight” developed from primitive ᴹ✶dōmi (Ety/DOMO), where the long [[ilk|[ō] became [ū] before [m]]].

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noun. twilight, shadow, vagueness

A Doriathrin noun meaning “twilight, shadow, vagueness” derived from root ᴹ√MUY (Ety/MUY). Its Quenya cognate ᴹQ. muile suggests a primitive form of muı̯lē* [mujlē].

Conceptual Development: Tolkien seems to have coined this word to explain Umboth Muilin “Twilight Meres”, a remnant of earlier G. Umboth-muilin “Pools of Twilight”. The meaning of the Ilkorin elements is reversed from the earlier name: in the Gnomish name muilin “pools” was the plural form of the word G. muil, glossed “tarn” in the Gnomish Lexicon (GL/58) which is an older English word for “(mountain) lake”. In later writings, Tolkien replaced this name with S. Aelin-uial “Meres of Twilight”.

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