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Dor Dínen

noun. silent land

(n-)dôr(“land, dwelling-place”), dîn (“silence”) + en (adjective suffix) #The lack of lenition might be explained by Tolkien's dislike for “uncouth” digraph dh.

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dor dínen

place name. Silent Land

An uninhabited land in Beleriand, translated “Silent Land” (S/121, WJ/194), a combination of dôr “land” and dínen “silent” (SA/dîn).

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s, Tolkien also used the form Dor Dhínen (WJ/333), reflecting uncertainty over the proper form of the adjective dínen.


dôr“land, land, [N.] region where certain people live, [ᴱN.] country; [G.] people of the land”


  • Dor Dhínen ✧ WJ/333; WJI/Dor Dínen
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Dor Dínen

place name. Silent land

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