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masculine name. Saviour of the Dani

Doriathrin name for the leader of the Danians (LR/188), called in their own language Dan. Denethor (Ety/DAN). This name developed from the primitive form ᴹ✶Ndanithārō.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, this name first appeared in forms resembling the Doriathrin name: Denilos or Denithor (SM/271). Later in these drafts, it was change to its Danian form Denethor (LR/119, 145). It kept that form thereafter.


  • DenithorDenethor ✧ LR/119
  • DenithorDenethor ✧ LR/145
  • DenilosDenithor ✧ LRI/Denilos
  • DenithorDenethor ✧ LRI/Denithor
  • DenithorDenethor ✧ SMI/Denethor
  • DenilosDenithor ✧ SMI/Denilos
  • DenithorDenethor ✧ SMI/Denithor
  • DenilosDenithor ✧ SMI/Denithor
  • DenithorDenethor ✧ WJI/Denethor


  • ᴹQ. Nanisáro “Saviour of the Dani” ✧ LR/188
  • ᴹT. Daintáro “Saviour of the Dani” ✧ LR/188
  • N. Dainthor “Saviour of the Dani” ✧ LR/188
  • Dan. Denethor “*Saviour of the Dani”


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶ndani-thārō > Deniþor[ndanitʰārō] > [ndanitʰāro] > [ndanitʰōro] > [ndaniθōro] > [ndeniθōro] > [ndeniθōr] > [ndeniθor] > [deniθor]✧ LR/188


  • Deniþor ✧ LR/188 (Dor. Deniþor)
  • Denilos ✧ LRI/Denilos; SMI/Denilos; SMI/Denithor
Doriathrin [LR/119; LR/145; LR/188; LRI/Denilos; LRI/Denithor; SMI/Denethor; SMI/Denilos; SMI/Denithor; WJI/Denethor] Group: Eldamo. Published by