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noun. shadow of trees

A noun meaning “shadow of trees”, derived from root ᴹ√DAY “shadow” and marked as identical in both the Ilkorin and Doriathrin dialects (Ety/DAY). Its primitive form was probably dair- ending in some final vowel, now lost; Helge Fauskanger suggested it might be dairē (AL-Ilkorin/dair, AL-Doriathrin/dair).

Doriathrin [Ety/DAY.024; Ety/DAY.026] Group: Eldamo. Published by



noun. play, merriment

@@@ Initial development hard to explain ... elsewhere ty- gives k-

Gnomish [GL/29.5601; LT2A/Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva.019; LT2A/Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva.046-1; PE13/112.2701] Group: Eldamo. Published by