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Middle Primitive Elvish


root. *heat

A Noldorin-only root in The Etymologies of the 1930s with derivatives having to do with heat such as N. brass “white heat” and N. bara “fiery, eager” (Ety/BARAS). The second of these was an element in the name N. Barahir, a name which continued to appear (albeit untranslated) in later versions of the Legendarium (S/148).

Tolkien introduced a new root √BARAS in the late 1950s associated with “height” and other roots like √BARAD and √BARAT; the derivatives of this new root had to do with cliffs. It is possible the new √BARAS invalidated the old one, but none of its derived words appeared in the narratives, so it could also have been a transient idea. It’s hard to say for certain since S. Barahir was not translated in later writings.


  • ᴹ✶barasā “hot, burning” ✧ Ety/BARAS
    • On. baraha “hot, burning” ✧ Ety/BARAS
    • N. bara “fiery, eager” ✧ Ety/BARAS
  • ᴹ✶b’rássē “heat” ✧ Ety/BARAS
    • On. brasse “white heat” ✧ Ety/BARAS
    • N. brass “white heat, *extreme heat” ✧ Ety/BARAS

Element in


  • BARÁS ✧ Ety/KHER
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