Quenya 


proper name. Father of Men

A title given to the three houses of the Elf-friends in Beleriand: the Beorians, Hadorians and Halethians, usually appearing in the plural form Atanatári “Fathers of Men” (S/103). More properly, it was used to describe the original leaders of those houses (PM/324). The title is compound of Atan “Man” and atar “father”. It was also the name of the 10th and 16th kings of Gondor (LotR/1038).

Element in


Atan“Man, (lit.) the Second (People)”


  • atanatar ✧ PM/324
Quenya [LotRI/Atanatar; PE17/024; PE17/114; PM/054; PM/324; PMI/Atanatar; PMI/Atanatári; S/103; S/190; SA/atar; SI/Atanatári; UTI/Atanatar; WJ/039; WJ/166; WJI/Atanatári] Group: Eldamo. Published by


the second folk

Atan pl. Atani noun "the Second Folk", an Elvish name of Mortal Men, the Second-born of Ilúvatar. Cf. also Núnatani (WJ:386), Hróatani (PE17:18), q.v. Atanalcar masc. name, "Man-glory" (UT:210, cf. alcar). Atanamir masc.name, "Edain-jewel"? (Appendix A). Atanatar masc. name, "Father of Men" (Appendix A), also common noun atanatar, pl. Atanatári, "Fathers of Men", a title that "properly belonged only to the leaders and chieftains of the peoples at the time of their entry into Beleriand" (PM:324, SA:atar)