Primitive elvish


root. father

As the basis for “father” words, √AT and its extended form √ATAR date all the way back to Tolkien’s earliest ideas. The root itself did not explicitly appear in the Qenya or Gnomish Lexicons of the 1910s, but forms like ᴱQ. atar, G. †ador “father” indicate its presence (QL/33; GL/17). The root ᴹ√ATA “father” did appear in The Etymologies of the 1930s with derivatives ᴹQ. atar, N. adar (Ety/ATA) and the base √AT(AR) “father” was mentioned again in late 1960s notes on Eldarin Hands, Fingers and Numerals (VT48/19). In this late period, the Elvish words for “father” remained Q. atar and S. adar (PM/324).


  • Ad. attô “father”
  • atar “father”
  • Q. atto “daddy, father (familiar/family)” ✧ VT48/19
  • Q. tata “*daddy”

Element in

  • Q. atamir “heirloom”
  • Q. atya “daddy, (my) father” ✧ VT48/19
  • S. advir “heirloom”


  • at/atar ✧ VT48/19
Primitive elvish [VT48/19] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. father




  • atan ✧ PE21/71; PE21/83
  • átar ✧ PE21/74; PE21/75; PE21/76
  • atta ✧ PE21/83
  • atto ✧ PE21/83
Primitive elvish [PE21/71; PE21/74; PE21/75; PE21/76; PE21/77; PE21/83] Group: Eldamo. Published by