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Qenya 


noun. high mountain, peak, high mountain, peak, *(lit.) great height

A word appearing in The Feanorian Alphabet of the 1930s (PE22/22) and 1940s (PE22/52) with the glosses “high mountain, peak”. It appeared in The Etymologies of the 1930s as a proper name Antaro for a mountain in Valinor, but this name did not appear in the narratives or the maps (EtyAC/N, TĀ). Based on the entries in The Etymologies, it is an intensive noun form of ᴹQ. tára “lofty, high”, so literally means “✱great height”.


an-“intensive prefix”
tára“lofty, high”


  • Antaro ✧ EtyAC/N; EtyAC/TĀ
Qenya [EtyAC/N; EtyAC/TĀ; PE22/022; PE22/052] Group: Eldamo. Published by