Sindarin 


noun. long-thirsty-jaws (Carcharoth)

an(d) (“long”) + faug (“thirst”) + lîr (“row, range #of teeth”)

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masculine name. Jaws of Thirst

Another name for Carcharoth, translated “Jaws of Thirst” (S/180). The name is a combination of anc “jaw” and faug “thirsty” (SA/faug), though the function of the final -ir is unclear.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, the name appeared as N. Anfauglin with the same translation (SM/115).


anc“jaw, row of teeth”
faug“gape, [N.] thirsty, [S.] gape”
Sindarin [S/180; SA/faug; SI/Anfauglir; SI/Carcharoth; SMI/Anfauglin] Group: Eldamo. Published by