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place name. Land of Gift

A name of Númenor meaning “Land of Gift” (S/260). It is a compound of anna “gift” and -ndor “land”.

Conceptual Development: This name appeared in the earliest tales of Númenor (LR/19). In earlier writings, it often appeared in an extended form: ᴹQ. Andóre (SD/247, 305).


anna“gift, (orig.) thing handed, brought or sent to a person, gift, (orig.) thing handed, brought or sent to a person, *present”
-ndor“land, country”
Quenya [PMI/Andor; S/260; SA/anna; SI/Andor] Group: Eldamo. Published by


land of gift

Andórë noun full form of Andor, "land of gift", name of Númenor (SD:247)



tára (1) adj. "lofty". (SA:tar, LT1:264, TĀ/TA3 (AYAK, TÁWAR), VT45:6), "tall, high" (WJ:417). Compare antara. Adverb táro in an early "Qenya" text (VT27:20, 26). The adj. tára is not to be confused with the continuative form of the verb #tar- "stand".