Sindarin 

Amon Ethir

noun. hill spy

amon (“hill, steep-sided mount”), [His.] ed (“out”) + tirn (“watcher”)

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amon ethir

place name. Hill of Spies

An artificial hill near Nargothrond from which the Elves could observe the surrounding country. It was translated “Hill of Spies” (S/217, WJ/149), a combination of amon “hill” and ethir “spy”.


amon“hill, mountain with steep sides; lump, clump, mass, hill, (isolated) mountain; lump, clump, mass; [G.] steep slope”
Sindarin [LT2I/Amon Ethir; S/217; SI/Amon Ethir; UTI/Amon Ethir; WJ/149; WJI/Amon Ethir] Group: Eldamo. Published by