Quenya 


masculine name. *High Champion

The father-name of S. Aegnor (PM/347). This name would have been Sindarized as Amrod, but since that name was used by another Noldo, Aegnor crafted his Sindarin name from his mother-name Aicanáro instead (PM/347). This name seems to be a compound of amba “up” and aráto “champion”, so perhaps meant “✱High Champion”.

Note: Tolkien’s notes actually state that Aegnor choose his Sindarin name to differentiate himself from his brother Angrod (PM/347), which seems hardly necessary. It would make more sense if he were trying to distinguish himself from his cousin Amrod. Perhaps this was a slip on Tolkien’s part.


  • S. Amrod “*High and Lofty” ✧ PM/347; PMI/Aegnor


aráto“champion, eminent man, noble, lord, king”
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