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proper name. Not-of-Kôr

Noldorin term for the Elves “Not of Kôr”, equivalent to ᴹQ. Ilkorin, appearing in The Etymologies from the 1930s (Ety/AR², LA). It also appeared in its plural form Elcheryn. This term appears to be a combination of the negative prefix al-, a mutated form of N. Caur (= ᴹQ. Kôr) and a variant of the adjective suffix -en. In some rejected notes from The Etymologies, Tolkien indicated it was derived from OQ. ḷkor- (EtyAC/LA), so perhaps it was an adaptation of the Quenya term rather than an original Noldorin word.

Conceptual Development: In Early Noldorin word lists from the 1920s, rejected cognate of ᴱQ. Ilkorin was Uchor (PE13/155).


  • ᴹQ. Ilkorin “Not of Kôr” ✧ Ety/AR²; Ety/LA; EtyAC/LA; LRI/Ilkorindi; LRI/Ilkorindi
  • ᴹQ. Alkorin ✧ EtyAC/ALA


al-“no, not”
-en“adjective suffix”


  • Alchoron ✧ Ety/AR²; EtyAC/ALA (Alchoron); EtyAC/AR²; EtyAC/LA (Alchoron)
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