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Qenya 


masculine name. melko

Variations of the word: Melko, Melkor, Melekō, Mēlekō.

Qenya [MR/355.3901; SDI2/Mēlekō.001; Ety/MIL-IK.015; LR/072.1202; LR/072.3907; LRI/Melko.001; LRI/Melkor.005; MR/022.1705; MRI/Melko.001; PMI/Melkor.004; SM/079.1805; SM/164.2309; SMI/Melko.001; SMI/Moeleg.005; LR/332.3806] Group: Eldamo. Published by


masculine name. melko

Imported inflections


Element in: EQ. Malkarauke

Qenya [PE14/069.2814; GL/18.2102; PE15/21.6406; PE15/08.2004; PE14/012.0201; PE13/149.8003; QL/060.8601; PE13/101.2901; LT2I/Belcha.005; LT1I/Melko.001; LT1A/Melko.001; LT1/079.3505; LBI/Melko.001; GL/22.5401; LT2I/Melko.001; SMI/Belcha.005; PE15/32.1104] Group: Eldamo. Published by


masculine name. Melko

A name of Melko in the Qenya and Gnomish Lexicons from the 1910s (QL/106; GL/18), along with other early name lists (PE13/103; PE14/12). It was derived from the root ᴱ√DYELE having to do with the cold (QL/106). The variants Yeloimu and Yelusto also appeared (GL/38; PE13/103; PE15/24).

Qenya [GL/18.2105; GL/38.3705; LT1A/Melko.038; LT1A/Melko.065; PE13/103.2801; PE14/012.0203; PE15/21.6603; PE15/21.6802; PE15/24.9006; PE15/24.9504; PE15/24.9505; QL/106.0601; QL/106.0602; QL/106.0604] Group: Eldamo. Published by