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masculine name. *Servant of the Moon

The eldest son of Elendil from whom Aragorn was descended (LotR/1038). His name is a compound of Isil “Moon” and the suffix -(n)dur “servant” (SA/sil, Ety/NDŪ).

Conceptual Development: The earliest mention of this character named him ᴹQ. Árundil (SD/401). In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this name first appeared as (Noldorin?) Ithildor >> Isildor (RS/271), soon revised to ᴹQ. Isildur (RS/320). The name Isildur also appeared in a marginal note in The Etymologies from the 1930s (Ety/NDŪ).

Quenya [LotR/1116; LotRI/Isildur; PE17/028; PE21/86; PMI/Isildur; RC/776; SA/sil; SI/Isildur; UTI/Isildur] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. moon


Quenya [PE 19:31] Group: Mellonath Daeron. Published by



Isil (þ) place-name "Moon" (FS; SA:sil, Appendix E, SD:302, SIL; also defined as "the Sheen" under THIL); Isildur masc. name., *"Moon-servant" (SA:sil, Appendix A, NDŪ)

* Isildur


Isildur is a Quenya name, meaning "Devoted to the Moon".[source?]

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