masculine name. Manwë

The Adûnaic name of Manwë (SD/376). According to Christopher Tolkien, the invention of this Adûnaic name preceded the use of Q. Aman as the name of the Blessed Realm, and was likely the inspiration for this Quenya name (SD/376). The later status of Ad. Amân as the name of Manwë is unclear, but it could be that the ancestors of the Númeróreans conflated the name of the Valar with the name of the land he ruled. Conceptual Development: The first Adûnaic name for Manwë was Manawē (SD/55).

Adûnaic [MRI/Aman.001; SD/357.4004; SD/376.3503; SD/435.1607; SDI2/Amân.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by


masculine name. Manwë

A draft version of the Adûnaic name for Manwë, later replaced by Amân (SD/376).

Adûnaic [SD/376.3506; SDI2/Manwë.002] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. mother

A noun for “mother” (SD/434). Tolkien gave two forms of this word, ammî and ammê, with no indication as to which would be preferred. However, ammî resembles a plural word, and Tolkien elsewhere stated that such forms tended to change their final vowel to (SD/438), so my guess is that ammî is an archaic form. This word is probably related to the Elvish root √AM¹ “mother”. Some authors have suggested it is directly related to ᴹQ. amme (AAD/10, AL/Adûnaic), but as Andreas Moehn points out (EotAL/MAM) such basic words are rarely borrowed from other languages, so the relationship is more likely from the Primitive Elvish root.

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