Primitive elvish


root. gape, become wide, open, vast

A root appearing in notes on words and phrases from The Lord of the Rings from the late 1950s, serving as an explanation for √GAY(AR) “sea” (PE17/27). Its gloss was “gape, become wide, open, vast”, but elsewhere “sea” words were generally attached to roots meaning “awe, dread”, so I think this was likely a transient idea. See the entry on √GAY(AR) for further discussion.


  • Q. naira “vast, wide, empty” ✧ PE17/027


GAY(AR)“awe, dread; astound, make aghast; sea”


  • GAY ✧ PE17/027; PE17/153
  • ÑGAY ✧ PE17/027; PE17/153; PE17/169
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