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hildi, -hildi noun "followers" (used = mortal men, the Second-born of Ilúvatar) (KHIL) (also Hildor, q.v.). Dat. pl. hildin "for men", a dative pl. occurring in Fíriel's Song. Cf. hildinyar "my heirs", evidently *hildë, hildo "follower, heir" + -inya "my" + -r plural ending (EO)

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Sindarin iT2#7T5


collective name. Followers

Sindarin equivalent of Q. Hildor “Followers” as a name for Men (WJ/219). It is clearly derived from the same root √KHIL, but otherwise its etymology is unclear. Another Sindarin term with a similar meaning is Aphadon.
Variations of the word: Echil.



Element in: S. Echil

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