preposition. from

A prepositional suffix translated “from” (SD/429). In a few places, the suffix appears with the glide-consonant v (pronounced [w]) between it and a preceding u-vowel (SD/247, 249). It is likely related to the Quenya genitive inflection Q. -o.

Conceptual Development: At an earlier conceptual stage, this suffix was a grammatical inflection, the draft-genitive (SD/438).

Adûnaic [SD/247.10031; SD/249.03041; SD/365.27011; SD/382.44071; SD/429.0608] Group: Eldamo. Published by

suffix. genitive (draft)

The suffix used for the draft-genitive case, with a plural form -ōm (SD/438). In a later conceptual stage, it became the ordinary prepositional suffix .

Adûnaic [SD/438.3209] Group: Eldamo. Published by