press, thrust, force (in a given direction)

nir- vb. "press, thrust, force (in a given direction)" ("Though applicable to the pressure of a person on others, by mind and 'will' as well as by physical strength, [this verb] could also be used of physical pressures exerted by inanimates.") Given as a 1st person aorist nirin (VT41:17). Pa.t. probably *nindë since the R of nir- was originally D (the base is given as NID; compare rer- pa.t. rendë from RED concerning the past tense)

[Quettaparma Quenyallo] Group: Quettaparma Quenyallo. Published by


v. to press, thrust, force (in a given direction)

[VT41/17.1308] Group: Eldamo. Published by


v. press, thrust, force

[PE 22:165] Group: Mellonath Daeron. Published by

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