name. language(s) of the Avari, *of the Avari

Term referring to the languages of the Avari (WJ/410). This name most frequently appeared in its plural form Avari referring to this entire people (S/52).
Conceptual Development: The term ᴹQ. Avarin appeared in the Comparative Tables from the 1930s, replacing the older term ᴹQ. Lemberin (PE19/19). Earlier still in the 1920s, Tolkien used the term ᴱQ. Ilkorin to refer to the languages of the Elves who remained behind in Middle Earth (PE14/62), but by the 1930s the term ᴹQ. Ilkorin referred only to the languages of the Elves of Beleriand (which in still later writings became Sindarin).

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