#quer- vb. "turn" (transitive), attested as pa.t. quernë (VT49:18-20). Compare kuere (kwere) as one variant of a stem meaning "turn" (PE14:65). English intransitive "to turn" requires a reflexive pronoun in Quenya: mo quernë immo *"one turned oneself" (VT49:6), in idiomatic English simply "one turned". Passive participle #querna "turned", isolated from nuquerna (q.v.) *"under-turned" = reversed, turned upside down. Also in númenquerna *"turned westward" (VT49:18), nanquernë *"turned back", pl. form of *nanquerna (VT49:17-18, 20)

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v. to turn

[VT49/20.1601, VT49/20.3612, VT49/21.1413] Group: Eldamo. Published by

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