name. Sea-elves, (lit.) Wave-folk

A name for the Teleri as Elves of the sea (S/53). It is an elaboration on falma “wave” (SA/falas) and its literal meaning is “Wave-folk” (PM/386).
Conceptual Development: Earlier Quenya words connecting the third tribe of Elves to the sea include ᴱQ. Solosimpe “Shore Piper” (LT1/50; QL/35, 85), ᴹQ. Solonyeldi “*Surf Singers” (Ety/NYEL, SOL) and ᴹQ. Falanyel “*Beach Singer” (Ety/PHAL).

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name. Sea-elves

Another name for the Teleri appearing in a name list from the 1930s (LR/403). It seems to be a combination of ᴱQ. vea² “sea” and the plural of Elda “Elf”.

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