n. wizard, man of craft

@@@ a compound of curu “skill, craft” (SA/curu) and the agental suffix -n(d)ir

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n. wizard

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n. Wizard

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name. Wizard, (lit.) One Who Knows

A name for the five Wizards who travelled from the West to aid the free peoples against Sauron (LotR/1084, UT/388). It usually appeared in its plural form Istari, which meant “those who know” (Let/202, PM/360). Tolkien generally translated the name as “Wizard”, because the Old English sense of word was similar to the true meaning of this Quenya word (Let/207). The name Istar was most likely a combination of the verb ista- “to know” and the old agental suffix -r(o).
The title Istar was not used for ordinary mortal “wizards” or “magicians” (UT/388). For this purpose, perhaps the word sairon was used instead.

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n. wizard

A noun translated “wizard” and given as an example of a noun with a long vowel in its final syllable that (archaically) uses the declension for a strong-noun (SD/437), the rare class of Strong-Ib nouns. By the time of Classical Adûnaic, it could be declined as an ordinary weak-noun instead. As the proper name Zigûr, it was the Adûnaic name for Sauron.

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n. wizard

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n. wizard

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