Neologism! This text is a neologism, which means that it was not composed by Tolkien himself. The content presented herein should therefore always be considered as experimental and subject of debate.

Consider Aldaleon the author of this work.


The Ring Verse in Quenya

Findegil's translation of the notorious Ring verse. Findegil is the co-founder of the Mellonath Daeron, the language guild of the Forodrim, the Swedish Tolkien society.

Findegil writes:

Most translations into Elvish of the Ring Poem that I have seen are in prose and as literal as possible. This version is versified and consequently somewhat freer, trying to capture at least in part the rhythm of the original. Internal assonance has been substituted for the English end rhymes.

You can find the original on the Mellonath Daeron's website. You can also find the original on Parf Edhellen.

— Source [Translated by Findegil of the Mellonath Daeron; original LoTR]. Published and edited by Aldaleon