Neologism! This text is a neologism, which means that it was not composed by Tolkien himself. The content presented herein should therefore always be considered as experimental and subject of debate.

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Light thickens

Findegil's translation of lady Macbeth's aria in act II of Verdis Macbeth. Findegil is the co-founder of the Mellonath Daeron, the language guild of the Forodrim, the Swedish Tolkien society.

Macbeth, the king of Scotland after the murder of Duncan, had sent assassins into the night to eliminate Banquo. Banquo was prophesized to be the founding father for a new dynasty, and was believed to be a rival to the throne.

The original text in italian is loosely based on a passage in act III, scene 2 in Shakespeare's drama:

La luce langue, spegnesi il faro
ch'eterno scorre per gli ampi cieli.
Notte desiata provvida veli
la man colpevole che ferirà.
Nuovo delitto! Lo vuole il fato!
Compiersi debbe l'opra fatale.
Ai trapassati regnar non cale;
a loro un requiem, l'eternità.
O voluttà del soglio!
O scettro, alfin sei mio!
Ogni mortal desio
tace e s'acqueta in te.
Cadrà fra poco esanime
chi fu predetto re.

You can find more of Findegil's poetry and writings on Mellonath Daeron's website.

— Source [Findegil]. Published and edited by Aldaleon