Nieninque “Snowdrop”

A beautiful poem from Tolkien's “A Secret Vice.”

In 1931, Tolkien held a conference about his creation of languages, claiming that his rather unusual hobby was a peculiar form of art. His talk was later published in the collection The Monsters and the Critics with the title “A Secret Vice.” Tolkien produced several poems as examples, and Nieninque “Snowdrop” is one of these poems.

Tripping lightly on the point of her toes,
thither came little Niéle,
that maiden like a snowdrop,
to whom the air gives soft kisses.
The mountain dwellers came thither,
and the foam-fays like butterflies,
the white people of the shores of Elfland,
with feet like the music of falling leaves.

— Source [PE16]. Published and edited by Aldaleon