Túrin Wrapper

An ambiguous text from the late 1950s.

Taken from a wrapper in which plot-synopses related to the Túrin's Saga were kept (hence the title), these untranslated phrases are rather difficult to interpret. One attempt at a translation would be:

Túrin Túramarth
the Great Song that is also called the Children of Húrin
this song Men made in Beleriand, but now the Elves alone (?remember) it

Túrin son of Húrin, Túramarth
and Nienor daughter of Morwen, Níniel
the children of Húrin
from the Great Song that men made in Beleriand
and the Elves (?remember) still in Eressëa

and said Rían to Tuor: what have we done?
now all hands of the Dwarves and Elves will be against us

— Source [VT50]. Published and edited by Elaran