The King's Letter

A letter from Aragorn to Sam, informing him of the king’s impending visit.

While being technically late Noldorin rather than Sindarin, the King's Letter is the longest text in the Sindarin family, and thus a rewarding text to study. It was part of an the omitted epilogue to The Lord of the Rings, later published by Christopher Tolkien in the ninth volume of the History of Middle-earth.

Elessar Telcontar: Aragorn Arathorn’s son Elfstone, King of Gondor and Arnor and Lord of the Westlands, will approach the Bridge of Baranduin on the eighth day of Spring, or in the Shire-reckoning the second day of April. And he desires to greet there all his friends: in especial he desires to see Master Samwise (who ought to be called Fullwise), Mayor of the Shire, and Rose his wife; and Elanor, Rose, Goldilocks, and Daisy his daughters; and Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Hamfast his sons.

To Samwise and Rose the King's greeting from Minas Tirith, the thirty-first day of the Stirring.

— Source [HoME-IX: Sauron Defeated]. Published and edited by Aldaleon