A short but tricky translation

Lanri #248

I fear that Tolkien will roll over in his grave at this, but I've been trying to translate a C.S. Lewis quote (horrors! ;) ) into quenya or sindarin: "Courage, dear heart" So for one, I've found that there isn't really a solid consensus for a word for courage in elvish. Add onto that a kind of backwards sentence structure, and I'm not sure what to do! Any help would be greatly appreciated <3

Elaran #249

I think that verië would be the safest (Quenya) word for "courage". Sindarin lacks that word, but its safest reconstruction would be berias*. And neither Quenya nor Sindarin have the word "heart" with the sense in which we use it in English. Still, Q. órë & S. gûr would be close enough. If my interpretation is correct, the phrase commands the heart to have courage, but I think that we can skip the verb in Elvish like in English. So:

Quenya: Verië, melda órë
Sindarin: Berias, gûr vell

Lanri #250

@Elaran That is so helpful, thank you! I was fluctuating between several words for courage (a lot of things were using Q. Huorë or Q. cánë or S. caun but neither of those seemed exactly right, your options seem a better fit. As far as the word for heart, when I was researching it seemed like there were a few options. Out of curiosity, does Q. enda work as well?

Thanks again! :)

Elaran #253

S. caun (and so Q. cánë also) would have been wrong indeed, as I explained here.

Q. enda "heart; centre" basically means "middle". I would think that it rather refers to a physical location. Thus, it is more similar to Q. hón & S. hûn.

You're welcome!

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Welp, not to resurrect an old thread, but is there anywhere I can hear someone speak this?