Elvish Heraldry for Galadriel - a heraldry question

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Tolkien showed a heraldic convention amongst some of the elves that showed the rank of the individual as part of the design.

16 points of the design touching the outer edge = High King (or Queen). 8 points = King or Queen 4 points = Prince or Princess.

Or at least, that's my understanding!

Finrod broke that custom with his heraldic device. Tolkien did not give us an example of the heraldry for Finrod's sister, Galadriel.

In the 1st age she would certainly rank as a princess. In the 2nd age, she led the elves of Eregion. But I don't recollect her using the title of Queen, just that of "Lady". Same with Lorien.

So, how should I represent her heraldry. I haven't seen any examples from other artists online that seem right to me. One was clearly tied to Nenya -- and I think Galadriel is WAY to clever and circumspect to advertise THAT. I don't see her using a device that would be mistaken, in any way, for a tie in to the silmarils, as some of the other Noldor princes did.

Zero points of contact like Finrod? 4 points of contact like the other princes and princesses? Or 8 points of contact from Eregion onwards?

What would you choose and, just as importantly, why would you advise it?

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Comments, anyone?

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Oh, just realized that one could argue that Finrod's device did have 4 points of contact with the outer edge.