Google Classroom for learning Elvish

Gil-Galad #2778

We only have Quenya and Sindarin so far, but when I get the articles for other languages I will start to add more.



Gwilithiel #2779

I don't know if it's necessary to create Google Classrooms for learning Elvish, as there s already a Discord server for this. However I'm still curious to see how your Google Classrooms turn out! :)

Tamas Ferencz #2783

What articles have you posted or are intending to post there?

Gil-Galad #2786

I think for learning Sindarin I'll use Gelio Edhellen, for Quenya I'll say Atanaquesta

Gil-Galad #2787

To Gwilithiel's statement of the Discord, I am well aware of the server. But unfortunately(sorry if my spelling is bad, I'm really tired) I and I'm pretty sure some other people on Parf Edhellen are still minors that are not permitted to use such servers.

Tamas Ferencz #2793

OK, I am fine with Atanquesta to be uploaded to GC but

  • please provide credit

  • and please include a link to my website where I host it: