Does anyone know where I can learn Khuzdul(Dwarvish) grammar?

Gil-Galad #2776

Okay, Elvish is AWESOME. But may I spread a reminder that there are languages of other races of Middle-Earth on Parf Edhellen, so if anyone could share where I could learn Khuzdul grammar it would really be thankful.

Gilruin #2791

We know next to nothing about Khuzdul grammar compared to Sindarin or Quenya, but here are three pretty good analyses of what’s available to start with:

Gil-Galad #2795

Annon allen!

Sámo Collarwa #2796

If you're interested in non-canon expressions of Khuzdul, then The Dwarrow Scholar might be what you're looking for. Not an especially authoritative source, but it does flesh-out the language in a way that's quite compelling.