Patch notes

Aldaleon #5

Change log 2017-07-22:

  • Re-enabled wildcard support for search terms. If you write aw*th it should henceforth yield awarth, wheras *aw would yield a words ending with aw, e.g. aw, baw, daw, gaw, maw etc.
  • Increased comment field size.
  • Added a polyfill for requestAnimationFrame to enable scrolling animations for Android devices.
Aldaleon #1090

Change log 2019-11-30:

  • Adjusted the horizontal main menu on the very top of the page for low resolutions
  • Added support for logging in with Discord - Tyalaron is the first contributor to log in with Discord!
  • Fixed the browser back button. It is now possible to press 'back' while navigating the dictionary.

Please note that these changes were released with the same version number as last night, so you may have to clear your browser history for the changes to reflect. Or just wait for your browser to realise that something has changed.