Patch notes

Aldaleon #1317

Change log 2020-05-15:

  • [Search] Improved more options user experience.
  • [Phrases] Restored administrator capability to delete phrases.


Aldaleon #1319

Change log 2020-05-17:

  • [Menu] Added pretty stars and modified the appearance of the menu on various devices. I am particularly happy about how it looks on mobile phones.
  • [Menu] Changed the way breadcrumbs look.
  • [Discuss] Opening a thread will always bring you to the latest post.
  • [Search] Fixed a bug that persisted your search term when making changes to your search filters.
  • [Phrases] Fixed a bug that overrode your selection of author when you saved or updated a contribution.
  • [Phrases] Fixed inflections on contribution preview pane.
  • [Phrases] Added a 'banner' similar to Glosses when you are proposing a change to an existing phrase.
  • [Glosses] Fixed a bug that created copies every time you made a change to an existing contribution.
  • [Flashcards] Made the choice area a little larger, making it easier to 'tap'.
  • [Global] Removed a lot of unused CSS classes.

Known issues

  • [Microsoft Edge] Users of Microsoft Edge currently cannot select a language. I am investigating the root cause. (Fixed 😁)
  • [Menu] There are still some window sizes where the menu 'flows' over.


Aldaleon #1343

Outage notice 2020-06-05:

We experienced a minor outage for approximately 10 minutes today because I accidentally deleted the wrong configuration file. I restored Parf Edhellen from backup. No data was lost. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Aldaleon #1383

Change log 2020-07-06:

  • [Games] Introduced a new game mode called Sage. Sage is a difficult but immensely addictive game that exercises your vocabulary and your recognition of words in the language of your choice. Currently supports Quenya and Sindarin. Try it out today!
  • [Games] Moved Flashcards to Games and changed the main menu to point to Games instead.

So, what's next? I'm building an improved import agent for Eldamo's dictionary that will accurately support derivations and references. I'm not sure when it'll be done, but I'll keep you apprised of my progress.


Aldaleon #1392

Change log 2020-07-12:

  • [Sage] Removed Tengwar transcriptions from letters until I get around to configure the splitter not to split on consonant clusters and diphthongs (AI, DH, TH etc)
  • [Global] Corrected the Sindarin language title transcription. Thanks Thinduial Amrúnhael!


Aldaleon #1422

Change log 2020-07-22:

  • [Global] Renewed Let's Encrypt certificate so that the website doesn't go down when the certificate expires by the end of July. I have finally figured out how to automate the process so that I do not have to manually renew it in the future.


Aldaleon #1438

Change log 2020-07-31:

  • [Sage] Added Sage support for Adûnaic and primitive elvish.