Aglardh back online

Tamas Ferencz #2671

I am happy to say that my website Aglardh has been resurrected (it was hacked last year, database lost, so I deleted the site and went on hiatus for a few months). It now runs on a new engine, and also hosts my NeoQuenya textbook Atanquesta. It also has a forum (which requires registration and loin for posting) where users can post questions and feedback about Atanquesta, or just post language-related questions, requests, and ideas in general.

The link is Aglardh

Gil-Galad #2717

Mae govannen Tamas! Annon allen for sharing the news and informing about your website. I shall try to keep it in mind and check it out. Edit; Excuse me for having to add this, but the link did not take me to the website, but instead took me to a map, could you please correct this error?

Tamas Ferencz #2720

Thank you for catching my mistake, Gil-Galad! The link has now been corrected.

Gil-Galad #2777

Okay, related to the subject about how Atanquesta is actually a textbook; Shouldn't we make classes on Google Classroom for the languages of Tolkien's legendarium? Y'know, so that it could be more proper to learn Sindarin, Quenya, etc.