What Do you use Parf Edhellen for?

Héru Avathar Núlëyë #2563

i use it primarily for translating things like songs, poetry, and some phrases.

Bŷlmelui #2590

I use it to learn more Elvish-just for fun.

Aldaleon #2595

I personally enjoy maintaining Parf Edhellen because it's so useful for poetry, song writing and exploring various sources on Tolkien's languages. I like the fact our dictionary is a collection of various dictionaries and therefore offer a more diverse perspective than the one dictionary. I also enjoy following various conversations in our discussion forum and learn about how the use of Elvish evolves over time.

Gil-Galad #2775

You guys use this website for specific stuff?

david wendelken #2942

I use it to come up with names and phrases to include in stories I write and rpg games I play in.

Plus I find it interesting in its own right.

Seregrían #2949

I use this, among other Elvish translation sites, to improve my writing and make my stories more lore-authentic.

Ave #3301

I use this to help myself understand Tolkien's lore more accurately.

Rínor #3431

I use it along with Eldamo to help with finding appropriate words for creating compounds and story writing. I also love the interaction between those who know way more than me on Sindarin. LOL This is a great site though.

Gil-Galad #3605

When you just need one word. ONE WORD. You don't care about grammar yet or anything like that, it's basically just a tolkien dictionary tbh.

Hobbit Scholar #3773

A friend and I are trying to learn Elvish for fun, and this looks like the right spot to do it! Beyond that, I copy Ave.