Tamas Ferencz #2528

As the TROP thread cannot be commented on: having watched episode 6 of the series I think that nampat actually means "attack" lit. "walk against" (nan "back, against" + pat "walk")

Roch #2532

A good thought, Tamas, and an inventive etymology! For myself, I'd wondered about a derivation from √NDAM ‘hammer, beat’ along the lines of Q. namba, perhaps with a Black Speech -at affix (cf. durbatulûk, gimbatul, and thrakatulûk from the Ring inscription). But the ‘General Trivia’ provided as part of episode 6 provides the following at the 34:40 mark: “ ‘Nampat’, the war-chant of the orcs, is the Black Speech word for ‘Death’.” So much for theories! Presumably, then, the same root appears in episode 4 at 16:30, when the orcs repeat Nampak uglursha several times as they take away Magrot's body. I wonder whether this might be intended as an inflected verb and prepositional phrase; something like, nampa-k uglur-sha ‘he died with honor’, making use of the sha comitative element from the famous Orc curse.