Sage Has a Glitch?

Rhíwdiliel #1900

When I select letters, I cannot change my mind and deselect them when I click on them, causing me to have to repeat the entire game from the start. Can this be fixed, please?

Aldaleon #1901

Mae govannen, Rhíwdiliel!

You can actually tap on the letters you've selected to remove them! I'll see what I can do to make that more obvious - maybe add an undo button that does the same thing.


Rhíwdiliel #1902

Do you mean I tap on the letters themselves when they become spelled out in larger font rather than click on them in the box? Because if so, I've been a bit silly '^^

Rhíwdiliel #1903

Ah yes, I've just tried to do so and it turns out I simply was clicking on the wrong thing- Annon allen! :)

Aldaleon #1904

Oh, you've not been silly at all! I'll figure out a better way to make it clearer that you can undo your choices. :)

Aldaleon #1907

I've gone ahead and added an Undo button to Sage now. Enjoy!


Rhíwdiliel #1908

Oh! That's really helpful of you! Annon allen once again for that! :D