Possible bug in "Sage" game?

Arandir #1815

Greetings! Please answer, can there be a bug in this game? This happened to me for the first time, but I tried to solve it for forty minutes and almost went crazy and could not find the remaining two words. It seems that I can't upload a screenshot? Then I'll explain it in words. This was "Sindarin" mode. I had two words left to find: "probably a purer Sindarin form of Q (7 letters)" and " great river (Gelion) (11 letters)". I still had the following letters available: [dui] [ae] [go] [(h)] [ren] [lin] [n d]. Was it possible to find some solution or was it a bug? And are bugs in this game possible in principle? Thank you!

Aldaleon #1816

Suilad Arandir!

Thank you for reporting this issue. It’s true that there are still some bad artefacts from earlier imports that causes issues like this in Sage. I’m working to weed these out so that they are not included in the game.

The word was goenglin. You can clearly see that the record is bad and needs to be corrected.

I’ll circle back on this thread when it’s resolved.

Thanks again!


Aldaleon #1817

Hi Arandir,

I believe this issue should, for the most part, be resolved now. If you run into any similar issues, please let me know.

Thanks again!