My nickname

Handelë #1741

Ok, so my nickname is Calima Er. I have translated it to be Smart One or Bright One. But Er means one or alone. I want one to mean a person. So my question is which Queya word means one as in a person. Would it be nassë or something else.

Röandil #1742

Note that Quenya calima only conveys the "luminous, not dark" senses of English "bright." It doesn't mean "smart" or "intelligent."

The most usual route here would be to add a name-forming suffix to the adjective. Masculine options could be Calimo, Calim(i)on; feminine, Calime, Calim(i)el, etc.

Handelë #1743

I realize that Calima means bright. Er does means one, or am I confused on that one. Also which Quenya word would mean intelligent? Can you also further explain the word Calimo.

Röandil #1750

Er is the adjective “one, (a)lone”; nassë is a noun meaning “nature, true being” or “person, individual.” You’re looking for what in English is an impersonal/indefinite pronoun, whose closest Quenya equivalents are mo or quén.

In this instance, though, we can nominalize (i.e. turn into a noun/name) the adjective calima with the suffixes I outlined above. The resulting forms mean “bright one, one who is bright.” Quenya does this frequently, most notably in many of the Elvish tribal names: Vanyar “The Fair Ones,” from the adjective vanya “fair, beautiful, unmarred.”

I’d say handa for “intelligent.”

Handelë #1755

I have decided to go with the Quenya word for intellect. Thank you for all the help. You are a kind fellow. Hantalë namáriëyë! (Is that how that works with the yë?)

Röandil #1756

It’s noted to be an archaic structure and generally replaced by ar, so I’d probably just say Hantale ar namárie!

Handelë #1757

Well then, hantale ar namárie!