Translation for a title and/name

Grimhawk #1735

I'm looking for assistance in translating the title of "the nameless" or "nameless one" in Noldoron or Sindarin.

I've tried looking up the words but it's difficult to find any information using these words.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Röandil #1736

“Noldorin” is the name of the draft language that would later be termed Sindarin as Tolkien developed his legendarium. Some Noldorin words can be updated pretty straightforwardly to fit the framework of Sindarin, while others require more finessing.

I’d render “nameless” with pen-eneth (compare Pen-adar “Fatherless,” one of Bombadil’s epithets). This would mutate with a definite article: I Ben-eneth “The Nameless (One).”

Grimhawk #1737

Thank you for the information and translation Röandil. I was able to use pen-eneth and I Ben-eneth as reference to reverse engineer the words in the dictionary. I was totally going in the wrong direction in my own attempts.

I wouldn't have figured out the mutation with the definite article to create I Ben-eneth instead of I Pen-eneth. So many things to take into consideration for a noob.

Röandil #1738

You’re very welcome! Happy to help.

Dictionaries can only get you so far, and that’s especially the case with the Elvish languages — they provide the words but don’t teach you how they work together as elements of a functional language.