Need help building a quenya word. "Snowelf" would that be Loselda (Q.) or something else? Also, I think Losedhel (S.) for sindarine?

Orion Laerithryn #1732

Need help building a word in quenya. (Snowelf), would that be "Loselda" (Q.) or something else?

Also, I think "Losedhel" (S.) for sindarine maybe?

Any help from those who know would be appreciated, thanks,

Röandil #1733

Close! I’d say Lossel for both Quenya and Sindarin, but note:

  • QUENYA: Lossel (stem Losseld-), pl. Losseldi
  • SINDARIN: Lossel, pl. Lossil (or possibly Lessil with full i-affection)