Help with Wife's Tattoo - Quenya Tengwar

Dustin Hamm #1698

She wants a phrase from Return of the King:
I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you.

I translated it from english in Tecendil but I know that is just direct translation and may not be the most accurate. Can anyone help me with the translation?

Tamas Ferencz #1699

Here is one possibility - I am sure others will offer their solutions, so wait a bit before you commit to this.

Lá ece nin colitas rá lye, mal ece nin cole elye!

Literal translation:

"Not possible for me to carry it for you, but it is possible for me to carry you!

Röandil #1700

Quick note that Tecendil is a transcriber: it does not translate from English to any of the Elvish languages, but transliterates from the Latin alphabet into various modes of the tengwar, the Elvish writing system.

That said, for something as permanent as a tattoo, I almost always recommend transcription as the safer option. You have fairly total certainty your tattoo says exactly what you intend, and there’s next to no chance that new material from Tolkien’s unpublished papers will leave you with wonky ink. I’ve seen more disastrous Elvish tats than I can count!

Here’s the English sentence written in a safe general mode; note that I’ve lowercased, spaced, and removed apostrophe intentionally to ensure proper transcription. I advise against changing anything in the input field or “Mode” dropdown, but feel free to explore the other fonts (with the exception of Tengwar Formal, whose characters don’t align quite right).

Let me know if you have any questions!

Dustin Hamm #1701

You all are amazing, thank you so much. I will give my wife these options to see what she likes the best.