I need help with Elvish text.

Vanyalindë #1687
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Vanyalindë #1689

Hi! I have some questions about the Sindarian Elvish text. Is there a pattern in writing it? Can I trust online text translators? Annon allen! -Vanyalindë

Röandil #1690

Hi! Sindarin is a language; the tengwar are an Elvish writing system that can be used to represent it, along with many other languages in Middle-earth and our own world (just like the Latin alphabet you and I are communicating with now).

Tecendil is probably the best online transcriber (Latin alphabet > tengwar) today. There aren’t and likely never will be automatic translators (English > Quenya, Sindarin, etc.). If you’d like to learn about the tengwar in a great deal of detail and depth, the Amanyë Tenceli (Q. “Writing Systems of Aman”) site is your go-to resource!

Vanyalindë #1691

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me!