Another word for "longing" aside from "íre" (quenya)?

Katherine Havegreen #1670

English is not my first language, so when I was looking for a word in quenya for any possible translation of "saudade" (to miss someone or something, a somewhat nostalgic feeling; it's a word from my first language, brazilian portuguese). I had a hard time finding anything because I didn't know what to look up, but I came across "íre", with the definition "desire, longing". The origins of the word include a word for "heart, desire, wish" and there's also listed the derivation "írima", "desirable, lovely".

I guess that word (íre) kinda fits what I'm looking for, but at the same time because of the origin and derivation it kinda feels a bit more inclined towards the "desire" part than the "longing" part, so I wanted to know if there's another one that could be used and fits more the longing side? I'm still not sure if I'm gonna incorporate the neo-quenya from the eldamo site or not, so I'm accepting neologisms too (it's for a casual poem/song I'm planning on trying to write after I finish reviewing the book I'm studying)

Tamas Ferencz #1671

Hello Katherine,

there's another Quenya word for that, xaráre "longing", and the related verb xara- "long for", see

Röandil #1673

I think íre is probably closest to what you're looking for, but yes, xara- would be my other recommendation!

Note that a late-period (post-LotR) gerund for such a verb would likely take an -ie suffix and be commonly pronounced (if not spelled) with an initial i-: (i)xarië.