Request to Review a Hodgepodge Name

Varda Alighieri #1639

A while ago, I made a half-elf cleric and came here for her name as usual. I ended up with Illomiel, which was supposed to mean loosely “Daughter of the Midnight Star”. I know it was horrendously Frankensteined together, but I was curious as to how much I approached or missed the mark in terms of a viable construction.

Röandil #1640

We don’t have a word for “midnight” attested in any of the Elvish languages, as far as I can see, so I can’t really speak to its viability for your given meaning.

With a vowel length correction, it could be Quenya for “Daughter of Every Night”: il- “every, all” + lóme “night” + -iel “-daughter (or general feminine suffix).”

Varda Alighieri #1641

I just checked the dictionary- I’m guessing I’d tried using ílë, star, and lómë, twilight. The “midnight” was off. Thank you!

Röandil #1644

I see. That íle comes from very early draft Quenya (probably mid-late 1910s) and was replaced by later formations.