Help translation to Quenya/ Sindarin

Lina Ahlberg #1610

Hello! I am so amazed by those of you who took your time and learned Tolkiens languages. For me however it feels impossible.

Therefore, I need some help translating Frodos quote before leaving for his quest; "For where am I to go? And by what shall I steer? What is to be my quest?" Also Bilbos famous quote "I'm going on an adventure" And Sams final quote "Well, I'm back" And Frodos words to Sam "The last pages are for you"

I would be forever in your debt if you could help me figure this out!

Röandil #1615

Other translators may have different ideas — particularly with Sindarin, which is not my expertise — so stick around to see what they have to say! Here are my takes:

“For where am I to go? And by what shall I steer? What is to be my quest?”
Q. An manna menuvan? Ar manen hiruvan i tie? Mana cestalenya?
[lit. “For where will I go? And how will I find the path? What (is) my quest?”]
S. An navan menin? A naman hirin i ven? Man i gestad nín?
[lit. “For where do I go? And how do I find the way? What (is) my quest?”]

“I’m going on an adventure.”
Q. Mínanyë veryandenna.
[lit. “I’m going toward adventure” = “I have adventure in view, I’m making for adventure”]
S. Menin na verthas.
[lit. “I go to adventure.” — credit to Elaran for this phrasing!]

“Well, I’m back.”
Q. Mai, nanwénien.
[lit. “Well, I’ve come back.”]
S. Mae, dandúlen.
[lit. “Well, I’ve come back.”]
We don’t really know the Elvish equivalent of the English interjection “well” acknowledging a situation or introducing a statement, so I’ve taken a leaf from the Romance languages and used the adverb “well” (Q. mai, S. mae); compare Spanish bueno, French bien, Italian beh (< bene), etc. Other options abound.

“The last pages are for you.”
Q. Tyéna i telde lassi.
[lit. “For you (are) the last leaves.”]
S. Echin i lais vedui.
[lit. “For you (are) the leaves last.”]
There are neologisms Q. parmalas / S. parlas (lit. “book-leaf”) for “page,” but I think simple “leaf” works well on its own.

Lina Ahlberg #1617

thank you so much! This is so great :D