Question on contributions

Varda Alighieri #1605

I'm new so I wanted to clarify: Where should I post a suggestion relating to Elvish audio? I made a post in Contributions a while ago and I wanted to make sure that was the right place.

Röandil #1606

I'll leave technical logistics to Aldaleon, but from my perspective, adding audio files to every entry would be a prohibitively enormous undertaking, and I'm not sure how many volunteers you'd find to see it through to completion.

There are also reliable guides — many with audio files — that make the pronunciation of these languages pretty clear.

Aldaleon #1607

Hi Varda,

What kind of audio files do you have in mind? I do agree with Röandil that it’d be a tremendously arduous undertaking for Phrases.


Varda Alighieri #1609

I was thinking something along the lines of recording pronunciations for words or phrases. I’m extremely prolific, so I could probably record most of it singlehandedly. I understand if trying to add that to an entire dictionary is impractical, though!

Aldaleon #1611

This is amazing - thank you for offering to help out! Do you have samples of your work? I'll need to think about how to best handle recordings from a technical perspective, so as to not compromise the availability of the website.


Varda Alighieri #1612

I do!

I've attached links to a full recitation of Aerlinn in Edhil o Imladris, and to the word "Telumehtar" alone. They're Google drive links here for the sake of convenience, but I'm able to email mp3 files (and possibly Audacity projects).

Röandil #1613

The other problem we’d run into is that every file would require secondary review — there are a few mispronounced words in the Aerlinn, and I hear Telumehtar stressed on lu rather than meh.

Varda Alighieri #1614

Yikes- I guess that comes from just studying the LotR appendices and then giving it my best guess. That definitely makes it harder.

Röandil #1616

It’s good overall, but for the sake of discussion, I hear:

  • Elbarath” for Elbereth
  • Na-chéred pelen-” for na-chaered palan-
  • Galathremmin” for galadhremmin
  • Fanwilos” (“FAN-wi-los”) for Fanuilos (“fa-NUI-los”), though most analyses of the song suggest that the diphthong ui is split for metrical purposes: Fa-nú-i-lòs.
  • Neff ér, sí neff éron” for nev aear, sí nev aearon. Tolkien transcribed final /v/ with f, and as above, ae is a diphthong distinct from long /e/. Aear and aearon have two and three syllables, respectively.

The site Glǽmscrafu hosts a wealth of Tolkien's texts read aloud in many of his Middle-earth languages and the real-world ones he knew, including some recitations/pronunciations from Tolkien himself. Perhaps we could link to those where appropriate?