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Manuel Lohoff #1573

Hey everyone,

i am working on a present for a friend and would like to use the ilthildin inscription from durin's gate at moria as a wooden inlay. However, i would need some words/names replaced to fit the purpose.

Names that need to be replaced:

Durin with "Marco" (who the present is for)

Narvi with "Manuel" (that would be me)

Celebrimbor with the name of whoever translates this, as that would only be fair.

Also, as i am making an instrument box, i would like to exchange "Doors" to "Chest" or "Box" and "Moria" to "Music".

The full sentence would then be: The Chest of Marco, Lord of Music. Speak, friend, and enter. I, Manuel, made [it]. your name here drew these signs.

If anyone could translate this for me, i would greatly appreciate it :)

Röandil #1574

This one's pretty straightforward!

I Golch Marco, Aran Linnas. Pedo, mellon, a minno. Im Manuel han echant. [Roandil] teithant i thîw hin.
lit. "The Chest (of) Marco, Lord (of) Music. Speak, friend, and enter. Myself Manuel it made. [Roandil] drew the signs these."


  • Colch "box, chest" (lenited here as i golch "the box") is adapted from a Gnomish (very early draft-Sindarin) word colc, but I think it fits well into the later conception.

  • I quite dislike the Sindarinized version of my name — probably Grewennil — so feel free to go with literally any other option, haha!

  • The names "Marco" and "Manuel" could probably be Sindarinized as Marcho and Manwel, if you like, but I don't think that's crucial for this purpose.

Manuel Lohoff #1575

Thank you so much :)

Is there any recommended transcription method? ?

I do like the Name adaptations, i think i will keep them.

The last slot is yours to fill, and i would use whatever you yourself see fit. However, if you do not like your name, is there a word for "a stranger" that does not carry the somewhat implicit negativity it has in english? Maybe even go for "a kind stranger"...

Röandil #1596

So sorry to drop the thread here!

I like your suggestion “kind stranger,” which I’d translate with othol vílui.

Tecendil is generally very reliable but will occasionally bug and requires mindful punctuation entry. Here's a link to how I'd transcribe it, using the Beleriandic mode to match the Moria inscription. I wouldn't advise changing anything in the input field, but feel free to explore the other fonts!

Manuel Lohoff #1630

Thank you so much, everything worked perfectly :)